Meaningful Planet

The sustainable mobile network
that helps restore the planet 

Transform your mobile contract into a force for good - where 10% of all revenue goes directly to protect the environment and restore nature across the UK.



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Meaningful Planet

The sustainable mobile network
that helps restore the planet 

Transform your mobile contract into a force for good - where 10% of all revenue goes to directly protect and restore nature across the UK. Join us and make a meaningful difference today.

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Help Restore the Planet

10% of every bill funds projects in the UK focused on restoring nature, helping the environment, and enhancing biodiversity.

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Unbeatable Coverage

Enjoy the best network coverage and data speeds in the UK, powered by the same network infrastructure used by EE.

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Free EU Roaming

All plans include Free Roaming throughout the European Union, so there’s no need to worry about extra charges when abroad.

Join thousands of happy customers
making a difference

Join us today and start making
a meaningful difference.

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Why choose Meaningful Planet?

Don’t compromise on coverage

With 99%+ UK outdoor coverage across our network and leading data speeds, you can help make a difference without having to compromise on service, signal, or quality.

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Keep your number

Prefer to keep your existing number? We’ve got you covered. Switching to us is straightforward, and we’ll guide you through a hassle-free process to transfer your number smoothly.

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Free Roaming across Europe

We've got your back wherever life takes you. With Free Roaming throughout the EU included as standard in all our plans, there’s no need to worry about extra charges when abroad!

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Fair and clear pricing

We're committed to providing clear, fair pricing without any hidden fees. This commitment to transparency means you'll always understand your charges, giving you peace of mind.

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Saving the Planet
doesn't have to cost the Earth.

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The types of projects we fund and support...

12% of all UK emissions can be captured
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2x more effective than reforesting
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25x faster at carbon capture than a tropical forest
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Join us today and start making
a meaningful difference.

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Meaningful Planet - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the signal coverage and mobile network quality like with Meaningful Planet?

Meaningful Planet provides top-rated coverage and network signal strength across the UK. We utilise the same network infrastructure as EE, independently rated as best for mobile data speeds, reliability and coverage in the UK by RootMetrics. We're committed to ensuring our customers experience excellent connectivity, backed by our reliable 5G network and extensive coverage area.

How can I track my environmental impact with Meaningful Planet?

Our user-friendly app and online portal include an impact tracker that allows you to see the tangible environmental impact of your spending. You can view metrics such as carbon offset, trees planted, and other nature restoration efforts supported by your mobile plan.

What types of mobile and SIM plans does Meaningful Planet offer?

We offer a range of sustainable mobile plans to suit various needs and budgets. As well as consumer SIM-only mobile plans, we also have a full business offering. Our plans include: Data options ranging from 3GB to 100GB in monthly data, Unlimited UK calls and texts, 5G access and free EU roaming included in all plans as standard, Flexible contract lengths and SIM-only options

How does Meaningful Planet support environmental restoration and sustainability?

At Meaningful Planet, we're committed to making a positive impact on the environment. We dedicate 10% of our revenue to funding nature restoration projects across the UK, such as rewilding, habitat restoration, and conservation initiatives. Additionally, we support projects that offset our digital carbon footprint.

What is Meaningful Planet, and how is it different from other mobile network providers?

Meaningful Planet is a UK-based sustainable mobile network provider that offers exceptional mobile plans, broadband, and consumer services while dedicating 10% of its revenue to environmental restoration projects. We stand out by providing top-rated coverage, 5G access, free EU roaming, and transparent pricing, all while supporting nature conservation efforts throughout the UK.

Are there any hidden fees or charges with Meaningful Planet's mobile plans?

No, we believe in transparent and fair pricing. Our mobile plans come with clear, upfront pricing and no hidden fees or surprises. You can trust that the price you see is the price you'll pay. This is the case for both our consumer and business plans. Simple, fair, transparent pricing that you can rely on.

How can I manage my account and mobile plan with Meaningful Planet?

Managing your account is easy with our user-friendly mobile apps (available for both Android and Apple devices) and online portal. You can view your usage, pay bills, adjust your plan, and access customer support all in one place. We also provide helpful resources and guides to ensure you get the most out of your sustainable mobile experience.

How can I contact Meaningful Planet for support or questions?

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is here to help. You can reach us vis our online Live Chat, through our apps, or directly by emailing our customer support or phoning. Full details, as well as a searchable FAQ, are available at

How can I learn more about Meaningful Planet's environmental initiatives and impact?

Meaningful Planet is proud to support a diverse array of environmental initiatives across the UK through our partnerships with regional environmental organisations. You can find full details of the projects we are supporting at From the underwater kelp forests of Sussex to the Peatland of Yorkshire, we're working to restore and protect the nation's most precious ecosystems. Our impact spans a wide range of conservation approaches, including habitat restoration, species reintroduction, and community engagement. In the Great Fen, we're helping to transform abandoned farmland into thriving wetlands. In Northamptonshire, we're reintroducing beavers after a 400-year absence to naturally manage waterways. And in the Humber estuary, we're rebuilding oyster reefs to filter water and protect coastlines. These are just a few examples of the tangible, on-the-ground projects your mobile service is helping to fund. By supporting Meaningful Planet, you're not only getting access to top-rated coverage and transparent pricing - you're also joining a community of conscious consumers who are making a real difference for nature. Every mobile plan contributes directly to the restoration of the UK's wild spaces and the protection of its most vulnerable species. Together, we're creating a network that's not just about better connection, but about a better future for our planet.